History of growth


Błękitny Plus – trade mark registered

First ton of mix with Błękitny Plus delivered on the market

First ton of Błękitny Węgiel delivered on the market

3 million tons of char produced

Błękitny Węgiel – Blue Coal project start-up

R&D project on smokeless fuels

Implementation of innovative technology of separation of carbon materials for high-technological silicon application

Start-up of 2 new production lines in Police

2 million tons of char produced

Production and sale of electrical energy is launched in Kostrzyn

Implementation of Integrated Management System in accordance with ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001

Polchar steps up exploration into plants outside Europe and into related business opportunities in Poland

2 new lines are added in Kostrzyn
making the total nominal capacity  p.a. in Poland

  Char Steam
Police 100.000 tons 900.000 GJ
Kostrzyn 125.000 tons 1.100.000 GJ
Total 225.000 tons 2.000.000 GJ

3 new lines of 75.000 tons of char p.a. start operation in Kostrzyn, Poland as well as sale of heat energy (steam)

1 million tons of char is produced

2 additional production lines are commissioned at the Police Plant

2 production lines are established with nominal capacity of 50.000 tons of char p.a., as well as sale of heat energy (steam)

Polchar Sp. z o.o. is founded in Poland